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Dr. Gary L. FitzHugh

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Boulder City, Nevada  89006


TopGun is all about training in the safe use of firearms. Most of the training courses that we teach are National Rifle Association (NRA) approved courses that must be taught by a NRA Certified Instructor. We teach introductory courses the NRA calls “First Step” Rife, Pistol and Shotgun instruction, through an assortment of “Basic” courses in the same disciplines, and then on to the more advanced courses such as “Personal Protection Inside the Home”. Since we also plan on teaching “Concealed Carry”, while not a perquisite, it is highly recommended that students planning on making application for a concealed carry permit take our NRA “Personal Protection Outside the Home” course. An additional course that will be offer in the future is the NRA “Advanced Pistol” that builds on the practices and skills learn in earlier offerings. More about each of these courses is outlined on our Training page.

Additionally, courses such as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Tactical Rifle will be offered. These courses are for those students who own Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) that would like to learn how to best use the this very popular of type of firearm in a tactical scenario. The MSR carbines are great inside the home firearms because of their size and magazine capacity, but in the hands of a novice user, can pose a danger due to projectile penetration of walls. Tactical shotgun will also be taught and is probably one of the more favored firearms for inside the home defense.

Please refer to "Training Available" page for details.